Perfect Tips For Commercial Product Photography

I’ve been creating totally different product photography tutorials for for a while currently and that i still often return to a previous posts as a result of i'm still victimisation constant techniques. I needed to form one purpose of contact for useful tips about rising your product photography.


One of the one most significant factors in product photography is lighting (if not the one most important) . however you light-weight your product can create an enormous distinction in your final output. Here ar three tips about however you'll be able to light-weight your product.


One terribly helpful ‘trick’ i take advantage of in nearly any product shot may be a assortment of tiny DIY reflectors. they'll be simply made up of illustration board, silver wrap paper or tin foil and a few clamps. i take advantage of this to bounce and mirror light-weight for fill, back and kickers. Here is one example of employing a bunch of these reflectors with only 1 light-weight.

Commercial Product Photography


Knowing a way to get gradient reflections on product may be a should if you would like your photos to possess a non-flat look that comes once employing a light-weight tent. the best manner of achieving this is often by golf shot another diffuser between the sunshine and therefore the subject.  Your reflective surface acts sort of a mirror therefore you wish get the correct angle to induce the reflection.

Commercial Product Photography


After lighting another factor that may add additional spunk to your product shots is victimization completely different backgrounds to go with your product.


Ever since I created my initial wood plank I even have been victimization it extensively for product shots. I even have additionally been victimization it as a base for several of my tutorials. I bought the used 
wood planks and simply painted them to make a cool wanting backgrounds for product and food photography.
Commercial Product Photography

Check out however this step by step tutorial on however I used the wood planks for food photography.


One of my favorite background tricks is that the El bokeh Wall. It’s a very easy technique however it creates wonders in a very icon. Get some aluminium foil or silver wrapping paper and crumble it into a ball. Place it in your background and purpose a gelled flash on that. Shoot employing a wide gap to induce your background wanting sort of a wall of bokeh. you'll verify this tutorial for fragrance photography once this was used.


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