Tuorial For Commercial Product Photography

Whether you’re photographing a bottle of Windex or 1 / 4 Pounder with Cheese, industrial photography is all regarding marketing a product. so as to try and do that, a billboard artist should be able to photograph a product in its best light–no pun meant. That’s AN art Alex Koloskov has perfect. within the following video tutorial, the master himself shows viewers simply however he worked his magic throughout a aspire a preferred glass cleansing product.As Koloskov explained within the video, a lot of of the method is trial and error. He experiemnted with many completely different lighting setups and even attempted–unsuccessfully– to substitute the spray of Windex with powder that was blown within the air through a straw. Once he discovered wherever to position his lights, he took 2 pictures of the Windex. the primary photograph was simply of the bottle and therefore the second of the Windex being sprayed into the air. He then combined the pictures in Photoshop to urge the ultimate image.

product photography tutorial

Now, let’s break down his setup and to visualize what we tend to learned. Koloskov concluded up victimisation four lights total. One softbox was placed at camera right of the bottle and a second was placed camera left, simply ahead of the bottle, to provide that nice highlight on the perimeters of the Windex. A stroboscope with atiny low honeycomb grid was setup facing the wall behind the bottle to provide that glow you see within the image higher than. The fourth and final lightweight, a stroboscope with a blue gel hooked up, was used just for the photograph of the spray and gave the droplets that nice blue tint. This one doesn’t look to troublesome, then again, Koloskov has the tendency to create business photography look straightforward.


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